They delivered my $6K TV from NY to CA with a giant hole on the box and on the front size of the TV. And asked me to take a chance with it.

I gave them a finger and refused the package. The driver was very rude, not friendly at all. How the *** they damaged the TV that bad and still try deliver to the customer???? The box clear indicated that it's a TV, and it's the front of the TV, and fragile.

What a bunch of dumbasses.

They should have been careful with these products, and protect it. I hope this will cost them so they learn a lesion.

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ABF freight trailer driver open his door Plasma TVs all over the floor He also came with a bad attitude rude and in a rush and driving like a maniac we refused the shipment because he said he would take the shipment back that he did give a F. We called his Supervisor and nothing was done in fact they said they know about it like this person has a history of doing this



DRIVER CAME TO DELIVER TO Wayne OUR STORE IN A RUSH RUDE Plasma TVs all over the floor came with a bad attitude and was done about this particular person until someone gets hurt this is the worst company if you are seeking a delivery don’t go here


You spelt "Lesson" wrong. Any why would you buy a 6k TV?


ABF = All Broken Freight

Mountain Green, Utah, United States #898809

Anyone who pays $6k for a TV is a ***.

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