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ABF was the cheapest option for us to move across the country. Because we went so far I expected at least some small damages in transit. But this truck destroyed our stuff.

First off, if you're not a professional mover yourself you may want to call someone else. They left 2 of us with this huge truck that is lined with splintered wood. There are tape marks on the wall to indicate where you should stop loading. You have to estimate the square footage you'll use before you move. If you're over by even 2 ft, it's about $300. Well what do you know, we underestimated how much footage we would need. Ok. Finally everything's packed up, heavy at the bottom, filled in with plenty of padding, and strapped in. Then you get to try your hand at finagling these like 8 ft wooden doors that you have to stand up (very heavy and splintered) and lock together with some metal rods. Have fun. The rods were bent from whoever used them last and barely locked.

Took 2 weeks to get our stuff. Holiday weekend, we understand. But when the truck finally arrived, so much was wrong. My couch was wet, coffee table and other small furniture damaged, glass broken, HE washing machine has lost some mechanism and we have to call a repair man. The list could go on.

I'm frustrated, and they already got my money so there's nothing they will do. I just wanted this to be a warning to anyone considering this company. We spent $4000 to receive a broken home 2 weeks later. It's a real bummer.

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Who packed it YOU or the driver? Hint no how to pack or hire someone to do it for you!

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1262189

We used abf from Fl to Tenn , took 9 days and every stick of furniture was damaged , thank goodness I moved many of my breakables in my suv , their stance is you loaded it , but there was no care in transport . I previously used United from Ca to Fl and no damage at all. You get what u pay for.

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